Hilton Head Island child shot, killed by stray bullet

(Updates at the bottom.)

A Saturday gunfight on Hilton Head Island lead to the inadvertent shooting of 8-year-old Khali Singleton.

Singleton was declared dead on arrival at Hilton Head Hospital.

For more details on the tragic story, I'll point you to The Island Packet's report from a sheriff's office release.

Update September 4: In a rather twisted saga of various charges and an ongoing dispute, four have been taken into custody after the accidental shooting of Singleton.

I'll point you to The Island Packet's report for the rundown on all the threads.

Update September 6: The Island Packet continues to chase down the latest in the investigation into Singleton's death, and the impact his death has had.

The paper also notes details on a vigil, viewing, and funeral, and a memorial fund.

Update September 7: The community is responding.

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