Order up: Beaufort Olive Garden proposal up for review again

The proposed Olive Garden site.

After a rescheduling, the Olive Garden proposed for Boundary Street is going for review by the Beaufort-Port Royal Metropolitan Planning Commission on Monday, January 10, at 5:30 p.m. at 1911 Boundary Street.

And there's really not too much new on this one other than Beaufort Town Center having sent around an invite to "come learn the facts for yourself" at the meeting, citing a problem of "a few people have tried to go outside the process and spread missinformation and create confusion."

To rehash old material, the restaurant is a $4.6 million Darden Restaurants project that is forecast to bring 100 jobs and $450,000 in tax and revenue fees. 

And that project has received a recommendation city planning staff of denial, largely over a setback and whether or not city planning documents show the need for a slip street along boundary at that property. Supporters says that not only do the plans show that but that it's unrealistic to still think that Boundary Street will become the calm street plans called for.

I'll stop there and if any of this is news to you I'll point you to this still very relevant report from this time in December.