Debate over Port Royal park grows, 'Save Us A Slice' group emerges (updated)


Updated January 9: An audio explaining the issue at hand is available, in the voice of a lead advocate.

In a nutshell: "There is no second chance" to get this right. Once the property is sold it's over. Click here to see (and hear)

Updated September 10: Just a quick update here from the social media realm.

There's an interesting conversation/debate you should check out between a fan of the "Save us a Slice" page and Port Royal Town Manager Van Willis. 

It's nice to see the open and respectful conversation. 

Check it out here.

Reported September 9: Remember that bit about the sale of the Port of Port Royal being held up over the call for a 10-acre park? Well, that issue hasn't been resolved and is still very much ongoing. 

The Island Packet is reporting that there was much debating at last night's Port Royal Town Council meeting if the park should be 10 acres or something smaller like 5 to 7 acres; read their report here.

That contention has given birth to an activist group called "Save Us A Slice" which is pushing for the original agreement of a 10-acre public park on the waterfront. 

As for what the group wants, they say: "We don’t need the developer to do anything but follow the original development agreement. We need our town leaders to hold them to it."

Aside from being a standard gathering and rallying point for like minded folks, their website asks you to call (843) 321-9848 and leave message with either your opinion or information about the issue. You can listen to some of those message here and check out the site, and connect with them on Facebook here.

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