Tree trimming returning to Beaufort this January (Update: Update double the fun)

Tree trimming results in downtown in the 2010 cycle.

Update 2: The Island Packet reports that DOT is also trimming branches locally, particularly along Ribaut Road.

Unlike the utility trimmers, DOT is trimming from the ground up to keep roads clear for larger vehicles. 

Update: Trimming is due to start on January 21 on high voltage lines, beginning in Pigeon Point. 

First reporting: I can't remember tree trimming ever being terribly popular in Beaufort, but after the 2010 trimming in downtown Beaufort the matter of keeping trees away from power lines has become decidedly less popular

Now the five-stage annual cycle of tree trimming is due to start back in January, with this year's iteration due to focus on places south of Depot Road, near the Whale Branch River, and in Port Royal.

The Island Packet's Erin Moody shares the details on this year's plans.

As for why the tree trimming isn't done in a more elegant fashion, we've posted on that before.