3 of the Best Places for Mountain Biking in South Carolina

If you’re a mountain biker or just looking to ride your bike off road, South Carolina has many excellent spots for you to go ad enjoy riding off road. To help you choose a place to go, here are three of my favorite spots.

Paris Mountain State Park

Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the early 1930’s, Paris Mountain State Park, located in Greenville, South Carolina, has long been known as one of the best places for mountain bikers and trail riders alike.

With just over 15 miles of trails at varying difficulty, there is a trail for every rider and experience level. Trails are mostly wooded, some travel along the water, and some are on flat ground for inexperienced riders. Even though the trails are pretty easy, you should always wear a MTB helmet.

For those who like a little competition in their biking adventures, the park occasionally holds biking tournaments and races, designed for every level rider. Several events allow for all experience levels to participate.

Between a diverse array of trails and epic scenery, Paris Mountain State Park offers more than just a scenic ride and a great afternoon. The park is designed to be family friendly, offering canoeing, camping, hiking, and other amenities along with trails.

It is also a very community oriented park and maintains a community spirit with their events and also with their employees, most of who are avid members in their community.

Horry County Bike and Run Park

Designed for those with an interest in an active lifestyle, Horry County Bike and Run Park offers a diverse area for both mountain bikers and trail riders and runners. The trails are both environmentally sustainable and durable and also available to ride at night. Be sure to bring a bright bike light to illuminate the trail so you can see.

The park started out as a four mile park, full of twists and turns and trails of varying levels of difficulty for all riders. Today, the park has a little more than 7 miles, complete with jumps, drops, winding wooded trails and more. Trails consist of wooded areas and mulch trails along with several areas of paved travel. Some of the trails are along water. While not mandatory, the use of a cycling helmet is always a good idea.

The park holds annual triathlon events that include biking, swimming and running. It is a nationally known event, bringing people from all over the country.

Town Creek Bike Park

For those looking for something a little more “small town”, but with all the same thrills, consider going to Town Creek Bike Park. Located in Pickens, South Carolina, just an hour drive from Greenville, this bike park has been loved by both young and old riders and riders of every level.

Trails are diverse, both in their terrain and difficulty level. The easiest trail for riders to travel is the Appalachian Lumber Trail, which follows the train route used by the Appalachian Lumber Company of old. Other trails include terrain such as dirt jumps, wooden rollers, raised half log trails, wooden banking turns, and so much more.

There is also an obstacle course for those who want a little more challenge without competition. It is perfect for those just starting out in the competition world and allows for a chance to test varying terrains and difficulty levels.