Welcome to the Jungle

Image by Laura Olsen Photo by Laura Olsen from Surf the Runway

Let me start with "Welcome to the Jungle" is stuck in my head as I type, playing on repeat and no doubt a result of looking at Laura Olsen's photos of the Surf the Runway show last night (the song was played during the MEW show).

Today was long.

I hightailed it to the gym at 7:30 a.m. this morning, hoping to get one last "real" work out before the grand rumpus began. For the record, dressing for the gym while half awake doesn't result inwell placed fashion choices.

Fitting for Seeking Indigo was a pleasant breeze, especially knowing that all the models get to keep the shoes after the show. It's the little things.

From there I dashed back to the gallery to get in an hours worth of work before running back to Marion Square for a fitting with Uriel Zamora.

There's one thing you get very used to during fashion week, and that's the fact that everyone backstage will see you almost naked. Bashfulness is quickly thrown out the window.

The afternoon was filled with the most stressful casting I've yet to attend. Walking for Mychael Knight was as terrifying as it was exciting. 30 talented women, narrowed slowly to the 16 final looks. And the clothes are fantastic. Futuristic refinement that's going to make for one stand out show. If you haven't purchased your tickets for Wednesday night. Do it now.

My evening, after one final rehearsal, was spent piecing outfits together for the rest of the week. Here's a hint: I'm hoping a big bow/disco ball headband will make it into my after party ensemble tomorrow.

Time for sleep.