Lost in the Supermarket? Not anymore with this app

Flickr User: Phillip Pessar

Whether you're from the area or not, the simple truth is no matter which big chain store you may pop into more than likely it'll be different than the other. That's where Aisle411 comes in. 

Aisle411 is an indoor navigation app that has partnered with one of the nation's largest drug stores, Walgreens to bring you maps of all their stores. The app is designed to save you, the shopper, time and convenience. Let's face it, you're probably looking at your phone anyway when you run into the store, right?

via Aisle411 website:

With the aisle411shopping list and recipe search engine, shoppers can pre-plan and organize their trip to save time and money. Plus, in thousands of retail locations throughout the US and Puerto Rico, shoppers can search and navigate down to the section of an aisle with indoor maps of stores. aisle411 delivers this incredible mobile utility in partner retail locations that are found within 5 miles of 75% of the US population.

The app is free and available now for both Android and iPhone, so grab it and use it the next time you find yourself at a foreign Walgreens around time, dodging lost tourists who are fighting for sunscreen. 

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