Join Lowcountry Local First in June, get perks

Image by Amanda Click / TheDigitel

Lowcountry Local First is launching a Membership Drive during the month of June in an effort to grow and strengthen the “Buy Local” and “Eat Local” Movements. There is power in numbers and joining as a member is the best way to invest directly in a more resilient, connected local economy.

LLF invites any and every local person, local-independent business, farm or non-profit organization to join as a member by June 30th for a special rate of 25% off your dues. Join online or call the office at (843) 740-5444. New members can also take their pick of great Member to Member benefits featuring special deals in health and wellness, financial planning, marketing and graphic design, business card printing and more. To learn more about ways to connect this month, check the website for a schedule of Member Happy Hours, Coffee Talks, and meetings.

There are many benefits to joining Lowcountry Local First. Maia Siber, Development Director at member business, Little Highrise sums it up best when she states “LLF has been a tremendous resource for our business. We have grown leaps and bounds and have no doubt that it is because of the support, contacts and resources that they have provided. We pledge to support local and have seen the favor returned ten-fold.”

LLF will end the month with a “Live Local Fest,” designed to welcome new members and show our appreciation for all the local business people, farmers and community members who make the choice to buy and eat local every day. The event will take place on June 28th from 6 to 8 p.m. at One Respe Wellness Center at 79 Spring St. The evening will feature live music, local libations and snacks, as well as a “Summer Health and Wellness Sampler” with mini-massages and acupuncture demos to pamper the hard workers of the Lowountry!

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