Carolina Forest wants bike path, money may be issue

Flickr user bsterling

Carolina Forest Boulevard is dangerous enough as is, but add people bicycling along with distracted drivers and there could be big problems. 

Lacking sidewalks for pedestrians and bike riders, there leaves only one option for the health conscious and carless, bike paths. The Carolina Forest Civic Association is working towards making bike paths along Carolina Forest Boulevard a reality, however, the cost might be too much.

The Carolina Forest Civic Association will need to seek funds from Horry County to make this project come to fruition, but the Horry County Transportation Committee says the project might be too big for them to handle as they normally only give funding of up to $40,000 for similar bike path projects. 

The Carolina Foredt bike path may cost up to $1 million dollars. For the full story, including video hop on over to WMBF News