#MYR photobombing incident makes headlines

Flickr User: Dave Delaney

Myrtle Beach has had some strange news items lately, first came the Electric Slide beatdown and a few days later news of an accidental photobombing turned stabbing popped up all around local media and now nationally. 

News of Ocean Boulevard stabbing at 3:30 a.m. isn't really that uncommon, but the reason why this one has become such a oddity is because Brian Terrell Strayhorne of Rocky Mount, N.C., was trying to snap a photo in front of Captains Quarters hotel when someone wandered unknowingly in front of the frame. Instead of just deleting the photo (we assume it was a digital or cell phone camera) and trying again, an argument started 278 and, of course, ended in a Strayhorne stabbing the photobomber. 

WPDE has a write-up on the event which caught The Huffington Post's eye.

Well at least no one is eating anyones face here in Myrtle Beach (looking at you Miami) or heart

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