Video emerges of July 4 Folly Beach 'riot'; Push to ban alcohol at beach returns

Image by YouTube user "MrPkzip"

Update 2: An emergency ban has been issued.

Update: It seems permits were never acquired by the event organizers.

Seven were arrested on July Fourth at Folly Beach in a packed gathering of 3- to 4-thousand beach goers in a small for charges ranging from resisting arrest, to disorderly conduct, to inciting a riot — and all 15 officers responding stated they were assaulted in some way.

People near the scene say that, despite the unruly crowd, the police were too heavy handed and made matters worse.

Check out the video up top.

NBC News 2 also has a report, writing in part:

Chief Brown said each officer was attacked with either beer cans, bottles of alcohol, wiffle balls, bats or some other sort of material. Five of the officers were treated for injuries. Some who watched the incident unfold, however, say the police should be blamed just as much as the crowd for how volitile the situation became. 

The incident is prompting renewed call to ban alcohol at the beach to deal with bad behavior and littering, ABC News 4 writes:

Business owner DJ Rich of Planet Follywood said he feels an alcohol ban wouldn't affect his establishment, but the entire business community as a whole is torn on the idea. "Some owners think it will hurt because they won't have as many visitors come out, and some think it will help because they will have a better quality visitor. When we advertise, we strive for heads and beds. We want people to stay here for a week and come back. The day trippers that come out don't spend a lot of money at our business, so I don't think it will hurt us either way." 

Back in April another video made the rounds of a man being arrested on the beach for alleged unruly behavior and commenters also claimed excessive aggressiveness by police.

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