Do you have what it takes for Bushido's ten levels of fire?

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Charleston City Paper's Jeff Allen introduces Charleston to Bushido, home of the Spicy Tuna Roll Challenge, which, if Allen's description is accurate, would be enough to make grown men cry:

Like the late, great Latasha's Taste of New Orleans, where the chef would come personally to your table to convince you that ordering the jambalaya "extra spicy" was not in your best bodily interest, people flock from afar to test the spicy tuna at Bushido. On a typical night you'll find someone like Ed furiously sweating through another level, eyes glazed and nostrils flared in testament to the spirits of Dixie machismo — a ritual affirmation of the pain, the dedication, and (more often than not) the manhood that it takes to down such an offending edifice.

Allen also offers some tips on his own ordeal with the ten levels of fire, in case you want to take on the challenge yourself. If you do decide to go for it, there are prizes involved: a $25 gift certificate, a "sushi headband," and, most importantly, your name and photo enshrined forever at the entrance, alongside the others who have stood up to meet the challenge.

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