Sandinistas! played 'Charleston Calling' and I answered

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On June 24, the Charleston City Paper published an article (sorry, we couldn't find it online), in which Chris Haire brought to light the disturbing fact that The Jonas Brothers’ new album Lines, Vines, and Trying Times had the same user rating as the Clash’s phenomenal London Calling on iTunes. This got my attention.

After that, it seemed almost impossible to not go to the Sandinistas! show on Friday June 26 at the Music Farm, where they played the entirety of London Calling. While not the punk spectacle I was hoping for, they did re-produce the album admirably.

Guitarists Kevin McCrary and Chris Oplinger and bassist Eric Atwood all contribute to the vocals (and all sound pretty close to Strummer’s voice) while the band’s drummer, Henry Fishburne, kept the beat. Joining them onstage was Barton Beckham on Keys and the Magic Bronson Horns, and even Skye Paige, their opening act. While Sandinistas! did not go for the extreme punk route, it was still a great experience being able to hear the classic album live and loud.

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