August Artist of the Month: Rachel Jones

photo courtesy: Rachel Jones' Facebook Page

On Saturday, August 4th please join Fresh Brewed Coffee House in welcoming the Artist of the Month, Rachel Jones' opening reception starting at 4:00 p.m.. 

Jones paints female figures that are often fanciful, comedic, or dramatic. Rachel is currently working on a series of funerary monuments from around the world. Human suffering often triggers hope, strength, and togetherness as can be seen in the monuments. They were originally 323 created not only to memorialize, but also as a summation of their loved ones’ accomplishments. It attempts to explore and question how we are viewed or remembered by others compared to how we view ourselves.

“London, Central America, South America, South Carolina…I am a scavenger. Where I land, I look, I learn. Painting is my way of communicating thoughts and views of what exist around me- a way of managing and digesting experiences and life. I paint snapshots. I offer up just a fragment. The viewer is completely free to create the remaining narrative."

-Rachel Jones 

Check out some of Rachel's art work on her Facebook art page here. Make sure to keep up to date on this event by finding the event page and liking Fresh Brewed on Facebook.