Red Bull brings photo exhibit to Marion Square (update: coverage, photos)

Image by Flickr user imabug The setup in Marion Square.

Update March 23: We're headed into the final few days of the Marion Square photo exhibit and there some coverage worth pointing out if you're still on the fence about trekking over to see it.

The Charleston City Paper has a few paragraphs on whats there and the vibe of the event (and wisely notes that the exhibit will coincide with part of Charleston Fashion Week); read their report here.

Local Eugene Mah has a few shots of the photo exhibit to share too (one of which is seen up top); see them here. Red Bull also has a few shots/words from Charleston, too; get that here.

First reporting, March 13: The Red Bull Illume tour will be headed to Charleston's own Marion Square on March 18th through the 27th.

Believe it or not, Red Bull is a big supporter of adventure and action photography, and their Red Bull Illume tour seeks to honor some of the best photography around. Head downtown to Marion Square between the 18th and 27th to check out 50 photographs that will light up the square. The exhibition can be viewed nightly between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.

For more information about Red Bull Illume, check out their website here.