The collective speaks at 'A Piece of Mine'

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Update June 4: Complete write-through.

Tonight, June 4, at 10:01 p.m. many of Charleston's better better spoken word artists will descend on 506 Wappoo Road for "Peace of Mine: Collective of Spoken Word Artists."

Josh Fisher and Bryan Penberthy will be there with their new spoken-word and music CD "Lost-Time Incident." Others of note include John Pundt, Travis Holland, Marcus Amaker, Jonathan Brown, and Charlie McAlister.

Here's a bit about it from one of the organizers:

some friends and i are putting on a multi-media art show. the focus is poetry, but there will be lots of surprises.

something intimate, something beautiful, at a kick-ass performance space.

no chairs, just pillows. (bring some).

come and find out about travis' nightvizzion productions. come and see why john pundt is the man. come hear my new record, "digital detox." come and hear bryan and josh's new album. and come experience something completely different.

food? guerrilla cuisine.

more details coming ...

i love you all.

Not only will they be dishing up words but tasty food, thanks to the involvement of Jimi Hatt, most notably of Guerrilla Cuisine. Other surprises are also promised.

You can learn a little more and connect with others on the Facebook event page.