Greater Park Circle Film Society holding a 'film and forum' on homelessness

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The Greater Park Circle Film Society is hosting a community forum following its 7 p.m. film, Dark Days, on July 25.

Panelists at the forum include: George Saldana of the North Charleston Housing Authority; Jeff Yungman, staff attorney and a senior member of our clinical team of Crisis Ministries of Charleston; and Arnold Anderson, Director of Residential Services at the Carolina Youth Development Center working with homeless young persons. They, along with the audience, will react to the film and talk about various issues related to current and future development that affects the mosaic of neighborhoods within the community.

Here is a bit about the film:

“Dark Days” is a multi-award-winning documentary on the homeless by Marc Singer. This young filmmaker spent months inside the “Freedom Tunnel, an abandoned section of the New York City underground, stretching from Penn Station to Harlem. Singer hoped by shooting “Dark Days” he could get the tunnel residents better accommodations. The homeless people, who are the focus of this documentary, also worked as the film crew. During the filming, however, Amtrak served eviction notices to those living there.

The film, which features music by DJ Shadow, won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary at the Los Angeles Film Critics Award along with taking three Sundance Festival film awards, including best documentary and cinematography.

The Olde North Charleston Picture House is located at 1080 East Montague Avenue in North Charleston.