Brewvival-Eve brings beer events galore

Image by Chrys Rynearson The great wait, year one.

Tomorrow is the third annual Brewvival, the beer event that interested parties look forward to as soon as the last one ends. As usual, brewers and reps are in town early and kicking things off with a bang tonight.

The City Paper provides a great lineup here, so check that out for starters. More info has been released on the CBX/Green Flash launch since that was posted, however. That launch will only run from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., and will feature National Sales Director Jim Kenney AND Brewmaster Chuck Silva. Here's the lineup:

Growler station (fills and tastings):

  • 30th Street Pale Ale (6% ABV, 8994)
  • Barleywine  (10.9% ABV, 8697)
  • Imperial IPA (also in bottles, 9.4% ABV, 9199)

Bottles only (no tastings): 

  • Double Stout (8.8% ABV,91,99)
  • Hop Head Red  (7% ABV, 8498)
  • Le Freak (9.2% ABV, 9098)
  • Rayon Vert (7% ABV,87,97)
  • Trippel (9.7% ABV, 8391)
  • West Coast IPA  (7.3% ABV, 9399)

Go out and enjoy some one-on-one time with the brewers at any or all of these events. Just drink gallons of water before bedtime. You'll thank me tomorrow.