X-Cons take over Myrtle Beach this weekend for convention (Update: Pics)


Update May 19: It looks like the fifth annual X-Con is the biggest and most successful yet. 

We checked out the X-Con today, Saturday May 19, and it looked to be the best turn out yet for the five year-old con. The event was packed with people, but with their new Myrtle Beach Convention Center home, attendees were not jammed together and it wasn't claustrophobic like so many comic book conventions can be. 

Above are some photos we snapped in between looking at toys and comics (for the kids, mind you). There is one more day of X-Con tomorrow and a party called the Slasher Bash tonight at Ripley's Aquarium. The event is free for those who are or have attended the con this year or you can pay $10 at the door. Additionally, it should be a pretty family friendly affair with live performances and a DJ. 

First Report May 16: The fifth annual X-Con Convention will invade the Myrtle Beach Convention Center again this weekend, serving up the best in comics, sci-fi, horror, paranormal television, anime, and gaming.

From Friday, May 18 through Sunday, May 20, 2012, the schedule will be packed with celebrity guests, writers, and artists, including Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the executive producer for Ancient Aliens - The Series, appearing on the History channel.   

There are several Facebook events associated with the convention.  Check out the details about the Star City Games Super IQ at X-Con here, the dance and fighting games tournaments here, and the X-Con World V Slasher Bash at Ripley's Aquarium here.

Have a look at the main X-Con site for more information about the convention and to purchase tickets.