Tonight is the final night for Vickery's in Charleston (update: More updates)

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Update June 29: The Post and Courier story is out, and while not that lengthy it reinforces the notion that the restaurant may reopen in a spot more north on the peninsula; take a read here.

Update June 28, part 2: The Charleston City Paper has posted a piece with a bit more background and just why it was that Vickery's Downtown was so "tired." Take a read here.

Meanwhile, Charleston Scene posted a tweet saying that while this is the end of Vickery's Downtown, it may not be the end of Vickery's in town in 2010. Continuing on that note, The Post and Courier has joined in with a teaser report from tomorrow's paper, that says the restaurant is feeling the urge "to mover close to the city's social center."

Upward they go.

Now the question is, what fine establishment will take up residence in the just-off-King-and-across-from-the-Charleston-Place spot?

Update June 28: Vickery's Downtown served it's final drinks to their most loyal fans last night before closing the doors for good just before midnight.

There were emotional goodbyes all around as co-workers and friends bid farewell to their beloved Charleston watering hole. The abruptness of the bar's closing was quite the shock, especially to employees who, like everyone else, found out through text message just hours before Vickery's closed up shop.

The Shem Creek location will remain open, but "it was just time" for the downtown location to call it quits. And that's about all the info we were able to get on closing night, we'll keep looking and let you know what we find. 

First reporting:

A text was shot around Charleston earlier today that tonight, June 27, was the final night for Vickery's downtown.

That's right folks, this is the end of an era in downtown's bar scene that's been there since April 27, 1993. So head on down and grab a brew before they close up for good.

There was some uncertainty earlier as to if this war rumor or fact, but it's fact. We're looking into why they're closing and if this is really the last call or if they've got something else up their sleeve. And this doesn't affect the Shem Creek spot in Mount Pleasant.

NBC News 2 has a tiny bit of info and says it's about slow business.

We'll have more info for you in the morning.

If you didn't know already, Vickery's is at 15 Beaufain Street.