Sporting a 'bat phone' to buzz S.C. senators, healthcare rally comes to Marion Square

Image by Flickr user leshoward Image by 20091001-bat-phone.jpg No, they won't have the Bat Phone, but a bat phone-like phone.

Update October 3:

Here's a smattering of pictures from the gathering.

First reporting:

Supporters of healthcare reform are planning to converge in Marion Square on Friday, October 2, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to let South Carolina’s Senators and Congressmen know they want a change.

Yeah, I know, a lot of you are tired of hearing about healthcare rallies, but this one is reported to have a "bat phone style setup."

Here's all the details from a release:


Charleston, SC- The Batphone returns at an Organizing for America phone booth call effort at Marion Square on Friday, October 2 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to reach South Carolina’s Senators and Congressmen with the message that America’s Healthcare crisis is a national emergency requiring a heroic response from citizens and government.  

Supporters of President Obama will be invited to call their Senators and Congressmen and will have the opportunity to record their responses and share their thoughts with the President online, though the OFA website.

The Charleston effort has been themed with a bat phone style setup that will empower visitors to Marion Square Park, near the intersection of King and Calhoun streets, to make their voices heard.  Another mobile “batphone” may be deployed by student volunteers at the College of Charleston. 

In South Carolina, 700 thousand citizens have no coverage to pay for their medical care.   Hundreds of thousands with coverage face deductibles, exclusions and copayments so high they can’t afford to see a doctor.  In consequence South Carolinians have a life expectancy of 74.9 years, 3.6 years shorter than citizens of New Hampshire’s life expectancy of 78.5 years.  Canadians, who have universal healthcare, enjoy a life expectancy of 81.2 years.

Reports on the phone booth effort will be transmitted on Twitter with hashcode #ofa with links to images and video on Flickr, Youtube and Facebook.  The event will be blogged on the website.

The Phonebooth for Healthcare Reform effort is being supported by Organizing for America, President Obama’s grassroots organization and the Charleston County Democratic Party.  The effort is being coordinated by Donna Ellington, who can be reached on Friday at 843-259-1863.



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