Saving the mundane to majestic, group seeks to save items from landfills

Image by Flickr user Montrasio InternationalImage by 20080727_waste.jpg Don't let it all go to waste. The group will be selling off items reclaimed from the The Cigar Factory, which is on National Register of Historic Places.

If you've ever tried to track down interesting finds for furntiure or construction, there's a new group to keep on your list: The Sustainable Warehouse. The group tries to step in and save items from hitting landfills (and perhaps they can help reduce the need for nasty incinerators).

The Sustainable WarehouseBut lets skip over the theory for now: The group will hold its last salvage sale for the circa 1882 Cigar Factory before deconstruction starts on making the building into condos.

Sure, some of it's more mundane (plywood and toilets), but lots is more interesting (doors, trim, shelves, stairs, and generators). You can preview a bunch of the stuff that will be at the Cigar Factory salvage sale on August 1-2 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Cigar Factory (map). It's a cash-and-carry sale.

If you want to learn more about the group or what they have call 843-532-9351 or e-mail

About the group

From their Web site:
The Sustainable Warehouse is committed to keeping as much reusable building materials out of the land fill as possible. Please join us in this committment by buying or donating materials that could be reused.

The Sustainable Warehouse works in conjunction with South Carolina Sustainable Deconstruction to provide deconstruction services for your projects.

Go Green Charleston also loves the concept:
This is not only a great way to reduce garbage, but reduce the demand for new stuff. I mean, a huge part of this problem is our addiction to stuff - so reusing as much as possible can make a real impact.

The group is also looking to find a permanent home to hold its operation, if you have any tips.