Meet the MeatHousers, Charleston's newest source of 'happy' meat (updated)

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Love to eat local? Me too. Love to cook with local ingredients? Me too. Have trouble finding local produce that's not green and leafy? MeatHouse has you covered.

The brainchild of ex-Muse chef Jason Houser (a.k.a. House) and his wife Katie, MeatHouse sets up shop every Saturday at the Marion Square Farmer's Market, ready to fulfill all of your porky dreams.

They source their produce, most importantly whole pigs, from Bethel Trails Farm in Gray Court, SC (upstate-ish). Using butchery skills and food magic I will never understand, they come to market with giant cuts of bacon, sausage, tasso ham, hot dogs, and basically anything the discerning carnivore could desire.

While the pork steals all the attention, the MeatHouse offers a number of other products from duck eggs to raw cow milk.

I say it's high time that local food lovers had easy access to this kind of stuff outside of a restaurant.  

You can find MeatHouse every Saturday from 8am to 2pm at the Marion Square Farmer's Market on the corner of King & Calhoun downtown.  Reach them directly for questions or special orders at 843-469-6000 or

You can also find more pics of their operation at my Flickr page.

Update May 19:

The Charleston City Paper recently caught up with Jason Houser for a chat on the success of Meathouse's offerings and their weekly stint at the Charleston Farmers Market.

Go check it out.

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