Hope and Union coffee closing (Update: The Collective coming to Mt. P.)

Image by Ken Hawkins/TheDigitel A dang tasty cuppa at Hope & Union.

Update: The new spot is to open soon.

Many a time, we at TheDigitel have written affectionally about Charleston's custom by the cup coffee shop Hope & Union, but, sadly, after two and a half years word is the spot at 199 St. Philip Street is closing up shop at the end of July. 

No word yet as to just why or if there's a possible rebirth in store, but we've got a query in and will be sure to shout at more details as we glean them abut what's happened to this beacon of free Wi-Fi and caffeine in Cannonborough. 

Hope and Union is owned by John Vergel de Dios and Harper Poe. 

Update July 18: So here's the story:

The building at 199 St. Philip Street which houses Hope & Union went up for sale in March and sold in a short sale on June 29. Hope & Union's owner, John Vergel, looked at countless ways to acquire the property, but for personal reasons and from a business standpoint, in the end, it didn't make sense.

Despite the strong connection and adoration by the community, the new owners of the property have no intention of allowing Hope & Union to stay. A new business will spring up soon, and rumor has it that it may be a bakery.

The upside to this story is that John has been flexing his branding and design muscles and come mid-to-late August, all of the former Hope & Union employees will move over to The Collective - a brand new specialty coffee shop right by the I'ON neighborhood in Mount Pleasant. As the name implies, The Collective will offer up a space and fuel for people to gather and go through their daily routines. John notes that the interior set-up won't have the same look as Hope & Union, The Collective is a different animal, but it is going to be rad.

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