More sea turtle nests along the Grand Strand this year (update: Lights out!)

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Update July 7th: As we enter the hatching season, it's important to dim the lights near the beach during the late night hours.

Lindsay Milbourne writes for the Weekly Surge about why we need to do this important thing. Read it here.

First Report: Be careful where you step! SC reports that this year State Park rangers along the Grand Strand are reporting finding up to 14 sea turtle nest. That is up from just 2 last year. 

With the busy Fourth of July weekend upon us, Park Rangers are encouraging all beach goers to be aware of the nesting turtles. The public is also asked to report mating sea turtles to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.


Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand are home to the Loggerhead Sea Turtle (our state reptile). Since records began in 1980, the nesting population of Loggerhead Sea Turtles have declined three percent per year. Massive conservation efforts continue in our area to help protect our state reptile as well as educate area residents. SCDNR has issued a comprehensive review:  Loggerhead Sea Turtle Conservation Sheet.   

If you see a nesting site please report it on the mating loggerhead sighting form

Find out how you can support the SCDNR Marine Turtle Conservation Program.


Loggerhead nesting facts:

  • Nesting: May - August
  • Adult females are greater than 87 cm curved carapace length
  • Adult males are greater than 83 cm curved carapace length
  • A single female may lay her nests relatively close (w/n 1 km) or far apart (400 km)
  • Nocturnal nesters, alternating crawl
  • Mean number of clutches per season 4.1
  • Internesting interval: 12-15 days
  • Remigration interval: 2.5 - 3.7 years
  • Width of Crawl = 90+ cm
  • Mean sizes of eggs are 4.1 cm in diameter, 33 g in mass and 36.2 cc in volume
  • Clutch count 100 - 126 eggs
  • Incubation duration is 42 - 75 days
  • In situ hatch success is 65%




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