Charleston 101: What to eat, drink, and do in map form

Image by Chrys on Google

It can take years to really get a firm grasp on all the places to go and things to do in Charleston.

Guides and stories are great to smoothing out that learning curve, but sometimes you just can't beat a birds-eye view.

And that's where you're in luck that local "exposur3" moderates a a Charleston channel on Reddit, and created the map above.

"We're happy to hear that you're making the journey to our fine city and have asked us to recommend what to do/drink/eat", exposur3 writes. "Us, being the helpful lot that we are, decided to put together this map just for you."

On that map you'll find great local beer spots like COAST Brewing Company, Westbrook Brewing Company, The Charleston Beer Exchange, restaurants like Red Drum Restaurant, Oak Barrel Tavern, EVO, and attractions like the Angel Oak, Wannamaker County Park, Cypress Gardens, and Charles Towne Landing.

Check out the map up top, or big at Google Maps.

And check out the local Reddit channel here.