The ultimate guide to Happy Hour in Myrtle Beach

Photo by Dave Shea

TheDigitel Myrtle Beach is pleased to present the most up to date, comprehensive, and downright epic database of Myrtle Beach area happy hours. 

The are several unsung heroes in this modern world. People accomplishing amazing feats- all in the name of making things more convenient for their fellow man. Well one Myrtle Beach area resident, known as "Happy Hour Matt", will not go unnoticed. We won't allow it.

What has Matt done exactly? He's made it his mission to seek out every possible bar and restaurant in Horry County that offers a happy hour menu. Not only that, he frequently re-reviews these spots to ensure his review database is as current as possible. His spare time, and liver, totally sacrificed for the greater good.

In the map below, click on a spot to get the link to the full Myrtle Beach Happy Hour review. What can you do to thank Matt? Find out where he'll be next by following him on Twitter and buy him a beer. At the very least, tell the next barkeep you see that sent you.