Intense showers? Thunder? Watch out for those flooded streets with this map

Image by Still image by MUSC; Video by Twitter user @Carly_jane Good times on a flooded Calhoun Street (yes on the west side of town.)

Charleston: It's know for its history, mild winters, food, and just all-around good times. But they call it the Lowcountry for a reason: It's low.

Add a bit of rain and a high tide, and the Lowcountry could  float your stalled and flooded vehicle down one of our quaint historic streets.

Today appears to be on of those days to take note, as thunderstorms are due to get going around 10 a.m. and run through the day, stopping tomorrow morning. And watch out around 7:30 p.m. when high tide hits.

And with these two notions in mind, I'd like to remind you of a few tips:

- If you can't see the road, don't drive through that "puddle."
- Flooding is usually worst just around high tide, as the water simply can't drain.
- Beware driving downtown, particularly on the western side near the hospitals.  
- When in doubt, don't. It can cost several hundred dollars in engine work to get your car working again.
- Consult the map below. 

For your background reading, check out past watery tales of Charleston on our topic page and brush up on why it's so bad here.

But the games are just beginning as the worst seems to hit in August.


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