Tips on how to quell the springtime mosquito population

Image by Flickr user Gravitywave

Update April 22: I repost because I care.

Also, it rained like the dickens yesterday, so be sure to dump out any stagnant sources of water in order to keep the skeeter babies at bay.

First reporting: It may seem early to be concerned about mosquitos, but the County Mosquito Control team hit the streets today, officially kicking off their 2011 awareness campaign.

If the Mosquito Control Team didn't make it to your doorstep, New 4 Charleston's post offers this useful information:

  • Even though it is cold, mosquitoes start coming out around this time of year.
  • Mosquito season typically starts around March in South Carolina.
  • A young mosquito can't mature unless it has a source of water. Make sure to turn over any sort of basin that collects water every 5 to 7 days.

For more information or to speak with the Mosquito Control Team, feel free to call them up at (843) 202-7880.

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