James Brown auction disappoints, but $32,000 bracelet shocks

Image by Christie'sImage by 20080718_james_brown_bracelet.jpg This bracelet has made headlines after being won at auction for tens-of-thousand of dollars.

The auction of James Brown's belongings (including capes, "sex" jumpsuits, and movie scripts) was expected to bring in around $1 million dollars, but only netted some $857,688. However, it was far from a boring day.

The singer's medical bracelet was expected to net $200-$300, but instead brought in $32,500 by and unidentified buyer. The bracelet was plain and unassuming and meerly indicated Brown was diabetic and allergic to penicillin.

Many other items surprised, from The Times:
Yet it was a happy occasion for the collectors of Brown memorabilia, and fans of the man who gave the world such hits as Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud, and I Got You (I Feel Good). A full-length embroidered cape in black satin was bought by an unidentified institution for $47,500, while a red leather furniture set sold for $40,000, 20 times its presale estimate. A blue satin cape embroidered with “Thy Name Is Godfather of Soul” went for $35,000.

Here's a roundup of some of the items we mentioned earlier:

Green "SEX" Jumpsuit. "A green wool jumpsuit with rhinestone embellishments, J along the collar and SEX along the mid-section." Estimate: $5,000 - $7,000. Actual: $6,875

The script to the 2002 movie Undercover Brother. "A shooting script for the 2002 film, Undercover Brother in which James Brown played himself." Estimate: $100 - $200. Actual: $563

10 bow ties. "A group of ten stage bow ties (clip-on) in various colors." Estimate $500 - $700. Actual: $750

A wonderful blue cape. "A blue satin cape embroidered with Thy Name Is Godfather of Soul and rhinestone, sequence and metallic embellishments." Estimate: $15,000 - $20,000. Actual: $35,000

The auction went forward despite objections from Brown's family over mishandling of the estate.

Not satisified? Dig through the items results for ourself.