Mid-May launch of shrimp season could be delayed thanks to cold winter temps

Image by Flickr user Tobyotter

Update April 18: While this year's Blessing of the Fleet in Mount Pleasant was as good a time as ever with music, sunshine, and the proud shrimp boats on display, there was a sadness to it.

The festival did not mark the start of the season that is getting off to an as-yet unspecified late start due to the cold temps.

Head on over to NBC News 2 for some details.

First reporting April 10: While the talk of late has been about the heat, it wasn't too long ago we were all abuzz over the cold.

And cold news is no good news for the shrimp season.

Once water temperatures hit the low 40s, it becomes lethal to shrimp, and Georgia officials are already warning the season could start some two or more weeks late. 

Jacksonville.com has a nice report on the matter; read it here.

And late starts with low catches aren't good news for an already shaky industry in South Carolina. The upcoming season is the first of three in the state.

We're still awaiting official word out of the S.C. DNR, but we'll let you know what we hear. Usually shrimp season opens around mid-May in South Carolina.

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