SCE&G: Despite Japan nuclear woes, don't fret about South Carolina reactors

Image by Duke Energy The Oconee Nuclear Station in the Upstate is quite far from tsunami danger.

It's an inevitable path: Japan's unfolding nuclear power disaster will continue to raise global and local concern about the long-term safety of nuclear power.

After all, South Carolina is a coastal state and has experienced powerful quakes.

In a press conference on Tuesday, SCE&G officials tried to send a clear message that South Carolina residents needn't fret over the state's existing and forthcoming nuclear reactors.

The general idea is this: Since South Carolina has been colonized, the worst quake it's seen topped out somewhere near 7 (well below Japan's recent 9+), and all of the reactors are pretty far from the coast. Additionally, SCE&G says that the designs of the reactors allow for venting of coolant without contamination. 

Still, no system is ever 100% safe.

I'll point you over to this report at The State following the press conference (read it here) and this story prior to the conference that sets up the background (read that here).

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