Nursing care development coming to old Ocean View Memorial site

Did you know the first Sun Fun Festival was in 1951 and the proceeds went to building the Ocean View Memorial Hospital? 

If it's on Wikipedia, it's gotta be true. Of course, the Ocean View Hospital wasn't solely built on Sun Fun money. In "Myrtle Beach: a history", we get some more insight to the Ocean View story. In 1953, after realizing the project wouldn't qualify for federal funding, the board of directors began construction using the revenue from selling bonds. It took another three years of private community fund raising to get the nearly $500,000 needed to build the hospital. Finally in 1958 the hospital opened at the height of the Baby Boomer era which is why so many Myrtle Beach natives claim "You're probably from Myrtle Beach if..." you were born at Ocean View. 

Would it be considered poetic that as the early Baby Boomers enter their golden years, they might be living their final days on the very site they were born? It's a very likely scenario as the old Ocean View land site is now being prepped to house a modern day assisted living and nursing care facility. The Sun News has more details on the proposed development. Read more here.

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