Stem cell research center coming

The Medical University of South Carolina will soon play host to the Center of Economic Excellence in Cancer Stem Cell Biology and Therapy, which just received $5 million in state funds and another $5 million in matching cash.

This marks another step in the push to turn South Carolina, and Charleston, into a center for biotech research. Just last week, it was announced that a biotech incubator is coming to town, as well.

From Charleston Regional Business Journal:

The new center will be responsible for researching stem cells as a key to improving cancer patient survival rates and will have two endowed chairs in cancer cellular research and cancer bioengineering research. A search is currently under way for nationally respected researchers to fill these roles.

Andrew Kraft, director of the Hollings Cancer Center, said the new facility will “position South Carolina as a leader in this new transdisciplinary field, which merges bioengineering and biomedicine.”

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