North Charleston partners up to offer a robust online crime map

Different color dots for different types of crime. You can use the system to just show certain crime types and certain date ranges.

Everyone that wants to be better informed about what, when, and where crime is happening in their community just got their day made, if you live in North Charleston.

The city has hooked up with a free service from RaidsOnline that allows you to see where crime is happening. Moreover the tool allows you to get spreadsheet breakouts of crime by type, see crime heat maps, details, and some fancier breakouts including crime by day of week including a super fancy "temporal topology" that revealed a rather surprising reality of Monday's at 6 a.m. being a high crime report time.

Access all that by heading to RaidsOnline's North Charleston page.

Now, if only some other sizable local cities and governments could get onboard with making their crime data so accessible, Charleston, Charleston County, and Mount Pleasant, I'm looking at you. 

Worth a note is The Post and Courier's slightly too lengthy write-up about the new service.