West Ashley neighborhood shook after bizarre robbery (update: arrest)

Image by Flickr user Jillian Anne Photography

Update July 16: A week after the incident, 23-year-old Brian Thomas Rogers has been arrested and charged with second-degree burglary and petit larceny.

Somehow I doubt they'll go easy on him.

First reporting July 9: The Charleston police have oft made the news for both good and bad things, but none as curious as this tale ...

On Friday afternoon a West Ashley neighborhood was turned upside down when the home of Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen was robbed.

As you might expect, many reports abound but I'll point you over to the (Flash and non-Flash friendly) at NBC News 2 for my preferred report.

The robbery was not believed to be serious with less than $1,000 being reported stollen, still the dollar value in confidence is obviously far higher. 


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