N. Charleston fire captain slapped with Memorial Day DUI

Image by Flickr user Bob B. Brown

While visiting Miami Beach for Memorial Day weekend, off-duty North Charleston fire captain Carlos LaKeith was taken into custody for driving under the influence after he nearly struck an officer and crashed into a parked cruiser at a chaotic shooting scene.

A Miami Beach police spokeswoman revealed that while police were working a scene of an earlier shootout, King's car crashed through the barricades and into a parked patrol car inside of the sectioned-off area. Before King's car came to a halt, one officer had to jump out of harm's way and other officers were forced to fire shots at King's vehicle.

King, a 17-year veteran with the fire department, has been placed on paid administrative leave until the allegations are resolved.

For the complete story, hop over to the article in today's Post and Courier.

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