Santee Cooper plans aerial spraying to fight invasive lilies

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Santee Cooper will be spraying 350 acres of Lake Marion with an herbicide to slow the spread of an invasive lilly from Asia.

Here are details; from a press release:

Santee Cooper plans to treat areas of Lake Marion by helicopter beginning the week of Oct. 5 as part of its ongoing efforts against the rapid spread of invasive, non-native plants.

Specifically, Santee Cooper will be targeting up to 350 acres infested with the invasive aquatic plant Crested Floating Heart by helicopter in the Eutaw Creek, Wyboo, Taw Caw and Jacks Creek areas of Lake Marion. Crested Floating Heart, a non-native plant originating in Asia, was first observed in the lake system in 2004 and has since rapidly spread from the Eutaw Creek area to other parts of Lake Marion.

Santee Cooper will apply EPA-approved aquatic herbicides, which pose no water-use restrictions in the areas treated. The goal is to improve public and residential shoreline access while preventing spread of the plant to other areas of the lake system.

Inquiries regarding the operation can be directed to Santee Cooper at 843-761-4069.

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