New school year kicks off Horry County plate checks (update: on track for record busts)

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Update September 6th: Only 2 weeks into the start of the crack down and the Horry County Auditor's Office is already predicting a record number of violations.

About half of the number of improperly registered vehicles compared to last year have already been caught this year. WMBF has more details. Watch it here.


First Report: The Horry County auditors office will be at all the local schools next week to check parent's license plates.

When you register your vehicle in South Carolina, you have to pay property tax on that vehicle every year. That's why we get those little expiration date stickers for our plates. Being in such a transient community, we're used to seeing dozens of different state's plates every day. But Horry County auditor Lois Eargle believes if you're dropping your child off at an school, you may be a permanent enough resident to register your vehicle in South Carolina. Eargle hosted a press conference yesterday and WBTW has the details. Check it out. The Sun News also has a write-up with some interesting statistics. Read that here.

You are supposed to register your vehicle within 45 days of establishing residency. If you have any questions, you can check the Horry County Auditor's Office website.

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