S.C.'s Internet access is 7th worst in nation

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According to new numbers, only 6 in 10 South Carolinians have Internet access at home -- that's the 7th lowest proportion in the nation.

Trailing S.C. (which was at 59.5%) were Tennessee, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi -- which came in last at 52.8%.

You can learn more and get all the state numbers over at the U.S. Census Bureau.

And while I can't find my reference material, it shouldn't require too much of a leap of faith for you to to believe me that Internet access falls drastically when you get into the more rural counties ... the same places that are being hit hard with 11, 14, and even 22% unemployment.

The Post and Courier's David Slade has done a full write-up on this issue, but there's not too many unexpected turns in it.

There's some long-term hope for the state if politicians can get their act together and utilize the soon-to-be opened up airwaves for Internet access as television broadcasts go digital.

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