After a pleasant weekend, the heat is heading back to town

Image by Flickr user jo3design

Update July 7: The heat is starting to get here (high in mid-90s today with a "real feel" of about 100) but next week is when it will it will really get warm.

First reporting: The holiday weekend provided the Lowcountry with near-record lows in the 60s and prefect beach weather, but forecasters believe that a heat wave is headed our way later this week.

Come Wednesday, temperatures will be back up in the 90s as a high pressure system currently taking the North East by storm will bring the heat and humidity down through the Carolinas. Expect heat advisories to be issued, so make sure that air conditioning is ready to work hard.

The State has a brief post on the upcoming heat wave, or you can keep an eye on it yourself by following the daily forecasts issued by the National Weather Service.

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