Aquarium releases its first turtle of the year

North Litchfield the loggerhead.South Carolina Aquarium’s Turtle Hospital released it's first turtle of the year, the loggerhead North Litchfield. The turtle was released Thursday around noon on Folly Beach. It was the 32nd turtle released by the group.

A press release said this about the turtle's original condition:
Found in North Litchfield, South Carolina, this sub adult loggerhead showed signs of a neurological disorder. Brought in on April 29, 2008 weighing 128 pounds, North Litchfield received a series of anti-inflammatory and antibiotic injections. After days of erratic behavior such as swimming in one direction, lunging out of the water as well as a low glucose level, the loggerhead began recovery. North Litchfield is now eating well and deemed healthy.

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