Alcohol ban at Folly Beach: Reading the beer leaves on sales

Image by Flickr user alexfel

In a report, NBC News 2 offers up some anecdotal evidence that business is already hurting on Folly Beach following an emergency 60 day ban of alcohol at the beach that started last week. 

As you'd expect business is hurting at Bert's Market who often sees much in the way of alcohol sales in the summer months. 

NBC News 2 writes, in part: "People like Joel Flores said less people means one thing... less revenue. 'This is the bread and butter season for a good majority of business on Folly Beach. The money we make until the beginning of September is going to sustain us from October to May of next year. They've literally cut and ended our season 2 months early,' Flores said."

As for how much tax receipts are down across the island, that one will take a longer time to see — and if it hits hard, the issue may resolve itself before a July 26th third reading of a proposal to put a permanent ban on the November ballot.

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