Child services center running out of cash, will close

The Medically Fragile Children's Hospital in North Charleston, which currently treats 30 sick children including 14 foster children, is closing March 31, leaving families with few options.

The center strongly relies on Medicaid to fund their programs, but the beneficiary is unable to continue helping in this economic crisis.

Here's a bit about the facility and its mission:
The North Charleston program began in 2005 as a collaboration between HHS and Social Services for foster children. Adoption was a goal, and the rate of adoption for medically fragile children since the program began increased from about 8 percent to 50 percent, Sanders said.

Foster parents are concerned that once the center closes, these kids will likely spend more time in an emergency room or just be handed back to the state.

This is an extremely sad story with no obvious solution or conclusion. These children and families are left with few answers, and until Medicaid is strong enough to continue supporting this life-saving hospital, they will be forced to do what they can to survive.

Head over to The Post and Courier for the rest of this heart-wrenching story.

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