C of C student runs for local seat

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As an impromptu "social experiment," College of Charleston junior, Nick Shalosky, has implored many of his friends and classmates to write him into one of the open seats on the Charleston County Schools Constituent Board.

There are several seats across the board that are open, but Shalosky has made no exact preference as to which one he wants voters to elect him to.

According to a Facebook group that he created back in late October:

I am doing sort of an experiment to see how facebook can really effect a local campaign. Write in my name Nicholas Shalosky and see if we can get any attention. If you think I'm being too egotistical I wouldn't mind deciding on a name to vote for, but I think it would be interesting to see what happens on election day!

Granted, he has acquired something of a cult following, we'll see just how everything pans out for him once the polls close.

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