GOP throws accusations at Ketner

The First District Congressional candidates are not quietly running for this position. It seems as though Republican candidate, Henry Brown, is adamantly trying to take Democratic candidate, Linda Ketner, out of the picture.

GOP chairman, Katon Dawson, claims that Ketner owes the political action committee $54,000, given that she allegedly borrowed the money after pledging not to take any.

The Post and Courier reports:
Ketner said she made no such pledge. She said Dawson is referring to a Project Vote Smart questionnaire that someone — she doesn't know who — filled out on her behalf…She also noted her PAC contributions are but a fraction of Brown's, whose campaign had listed $234,400 as of Oct. 15, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Ketner does not let this finger pointing bother her; instead she is supporting those in the community who are politically attuned as the Post and Courier explains:
Ketner appeared Tuesday at a Campaign for Change rally in North Charleston along with her fellow Democratic office seeker, 6th District Rep. James Clyburn…'The pundits) are saying South Carolina is going to stay (Republican) red, but you know what? I feel something in the air in South Carolina,' Clyburn said. 'We can do it.'

If you are a registered South Carolina voter, you can learn about these congressional candidates and make your own decision next week at the polls.

For more information on this story, head over to The Post and Courier.

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