GOP wants online input

The state Republican Party is trying to get South Carolina Republicans involved in the national party's platform through the Internet. They're sending people to to offer input, participate in polls, and so on.

From The Post and Courier:

State GOP Chairman Katon Dawson said the Internet outreach will improve the transparency of the platform process, and he hopes that it will give more people a sense that they own it.


While the platform may seem an arcane part of politics, Dawson said many are keenly aware of it. "I was in Taiwan recently, and the people there knew there was a caveat inside the Republican national platform for a solution for a free Taiwan."

So, if you're interested in what the GOP stands for this election and you want your voice to be heard, then get involved.

On the Democratic side of things, the state party will be holding a public meeting July 26 in Columbia to discuss the national party platform.

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