Alligator fears swarm around upcoming TryCharleston triathlon (updated: event photos)

Image by Flickr user Steve Kay

Update May 2: The Post and Courier's David Quick was there and has a host of photos; see them here.

And it doesn't sound like anyone was eaten.

Update April 28: And the saga continues. NBC News 2 has followed with a video report -- most interestingly folks are now upset after an event organizer erroneously sent an e-mail about killing gators to the wrong person.


Watch the report here.

First reporting: The two triathlon events at the upcoming TryCharleston in Mount Pleasant on May 1 have been taking a lot of heat for fears of the alligators in the lake where the 1.2 mile swim will take place.

The Post and Courier has a nice rundown on the situation at the upcoming competition.

Some good points are raised, like how many would feel more at ease swimming at South Carolina's beaches where there have been probably just as many if not more shark attacks than alligator attacks at lakes.*

*Yes, there are all kinds of variables here though, most notably the animal-to-human ratio and density. Still, it's an interesting thought.

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