Conway High School Tigers defeat nationally ranked MBHS (update: dispute resolved)

Update 10/1: After further review of the game tapes, there was not sufficient enough evidence to take action on anyone involved in Moody's injury.

Ian Guerin of The Sun News has the follow-up including quotes from the coaches. Read it here. While the incident was a distraction, it didn't prevent Myrtle Beach from defeating Wilson last night. Conway did not have a game on their schedule this week.

Update 9/26: A post-whistle scuffle that left Conway quarterback Mykal Moody with a concussion is now being scrutinized.

In the original Sun News write-up, Ian Guerin mentioned that Conway coach Jordan was pretty upset by what looked like a Myrtle Beach player kicking Moody in the head during the game. Guerin followed up and learned that the Conway staff feels that the game films show more than just accidental contact. Enough so to send it up to the South Carolina High School League for review. There's more details to the story on The Sun News site. Read them here. 

First Report: There are few things sweeter in life than an upset victory in a rival game.

That's what prep football fans, parents, and players were treated last night in the face-off between Myrtle Beach and Conway. Conway took Myrtle Beach out with a  21-12 victory. There was more on the line than a check in the "W" column. The Victory Bell that is awarded to the team that wins this long-standing rivalry has a new home at Conway High School after staying in the Seahawks' trophy case for the past 4 years. The Sun News has an excellent write-up and recap of the game. Read it here.

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