Myrtle Beach's Johnson competitive in British Open (update: disappointing finish)

Keith Allison

Update July 18th: Just 2 strokes behind the leader, Darren Clarke, Johnson had a misfortunate shot on the 14th hole.

He had to take a drop that put him too far behind to catch up to Clarke's flawless play. The Sun News has another AP story with a recap and quotes from Johnson. Read it here.


Update July 17th: Dustin broke away from the pack in the 3rd round. He is only one stroke behind the leader.

The Sun News has an AP story that talks about his round yesterday and the struggles Johnson has endured. That story is  right here. You can watch the final round on ESPN or online at ESPN3.

First Report: Dustin Johnson's current British Open story is much like the past 6 months of his career: big ups and big downs.

Johnson, who now lives in Florida, has had to deal with a DUI arrest, a split with his caddie,  and a disappointing Masters finish. On the other hand- he is very happy living in Florida, he signed on as spokesman for Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday, and he has taken a few top 10 finishes in 2011.

In this weekend's British open, he's fighting off an infection yet he remains in contention thanks in part to a hole in one. Ups and downs, indeed.

By the way, this isn't Johnson's first hole in one during competitive play...

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